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by Nerve Centre

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Intro 00:02
Nerve Centre
Verse 1: Baby's gonna kill her Got her finger on the trigger Nobody has seen her since last night Left the bar at twelve She was told to go to hell Was feeling real unwell She started to cry Pre-chorus: She can't stand you We can't stand her She can't stand her We can't stand you Chorus: Everybody knows but nobody says How that body ended up dead She really likes Right Said Fred They found her body but not her head Verse 2: Baby's lying low In the January snow Nobody can know What she's done The one thing that she'll say If she's caught along the way Is nothing's changed Since she's gone.
Verse 1: I know I can’t tell the truth Can’t help that my tongue’s so loose But I’m happy to lie Just to have a good time with you I can’t tell right from wrong I’ll put snakes in your bed so I can get along And I’ll turn off the light So I’ll just hear you cry, it’s true Chorus: Don’t try to blame it all on me I see things you can’t see Don’t tell me how it’s supposed to be I’ll take my chances and leave Don’t worry about my frame of mind It’s all still mine but this time I will confess there’s not much left But we’ll see Verse 2: I always enjoy nights like these When I get your girl right down on her knees She downed some shots Gave all she got, you see I know you can’t just let things be Gonna take myself way down south to the sea When I hear that bell We’ll all raise hell, them and me.
Bridezilla! 03:29
Verse 1: Bridezilla knows what she wants So quick, do it quick before she loses that thought How many times have you heard Bridezilla say "It's my, it's my, it's my big day!". Chorus: Bridezilla! Bridezilla! Verse 2: Bridezilla knows what she wants done If you don't do it feel the wrath of her poison tongue Bridezilla does not need to say thank you 'Cause it's all about her and not about you. Middle 8: She can change her mind just at a whim But will you sink or swim The ice below your feet is very thin Just one little crack and you're in. Verse 3: Bridezilla does no sleep at night And she does not come with a warning light We're all looking forward to the big day When the Bridezilla bitch will go away.
Verse 1: I'm doing what I can with the cards I been dealt You know it didn't turn out quite like they said Get well educated, get a good job From what I can see I'm much worse off Chorus: I heard it all again to day How I just pissed my life away Yes I know exactly what you're trying to say Listen up it doesn't work that way Verse 2: Don't talk to me as if I'm doing it wrong The only thing wrong is time and money that's gone I could have had a holiday or got a new car This shitty bit of paper's not getting me to far Middle 8: It's not all lies Same happened to a friend of mine Happens all the time But that's just modern life Verse 3: I'm doing what I can with the cards I've been dealt Just trying to pay my bills and my rent Get well educated, get a good job The hole in my shoe says I'm much worse off My empty stomach says I'm much worse off My empty wallet says I'm much worse off.
Brown 04:48
Verse 1: Not quite ready to give up trying When I do I'm closer to dying I'll get old with the grace of a Rolling Stone Maybe with you or maybe on my own Chorus: It took all the stars in the sky To say "Man, wasting your time Maybe you don't need it at all" All the star turned to me and said "Hey dude, maybe it was all in your head Maybe you don't need it at all Maybe you don't need it at all" Verse 2: I remember when we could have had it all We'd keep going though one by one we'd fall I'll get old with the grace of a crashing car It won't be as pretty as a falling star
Verse 1: The awkward moment when Twitter suggests I follow Kim Kardashian Nobody seems to know what she does or what she's done (except that video) Beneath six inches of make up there's probably still a hot girl But there's a list of things I'd do before I'd follow her. Chorus: The list of things I'd do to Kim Kardashian before I'd follow her on Twitter The list of things I'd do to Kim Kardashian before I'd follow her on Twitter The list of things I'd do to Kim Kardashian before I'd follow her on Twitter The list of things I'd do to Kim Kardashian before I'd follow her on Twitter Verse 2: I'd take you for a walk in Cannon Hill Park, and have you home before dark I'd take you for ice cream in that place in the Bullring I'd listen to you talk and talk and talk About your expensive things and your bullshit bling
Verse 1: Who's this girl by my side At ten o'clock on a Thursday night Tell each other how we feel Who'd have thought that this could be me And you, you're in the back of my mind Left you there in Einstein's Too many night looking like a fool I'm still in a band so I'm still cool Chorus: Woah oh oh, to me Nothing's as obscene As our karaoke kings and queens Woah oh oh, to me Nothing's as obscene As our karaoke kings and queens Verse 2: Friday morning I'm in work I hate to say it seem like I've grown up Said the usual things to her I can handle the day 'cause my head don't hurt The kings and queens are in the past It's where they belong though I had a blast We had fun when we joined in It's time for some new kids to sing.


This was Nerve Centre's third album, first released 31 December 2013.


released June 22, 2014

Lead vocals and rhythm guitar by Ronan Fitzgerald
Lead guitar and backing vocals by James Foster
Bass by John McCaul
Drums and percussion by Jon Kelway
Strings on track 8 arranged by Kris Halpin at The Playhaus, Tamworth, UK.
Tracks 2, 3, 4 and 9 recorded by Dave McCabe at Muthers Studio, Birmingham UK.
Tracks 1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 recorded by Nerve Centre at Hockley Street Studios, Birmingham, UK and Ronan's house.

All tracks written by Ronan Fitzgerald, except track 2, written by Ronan Fitzgerald, James Foster, John McCaul and Jon Kelway.


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Nerve Centre Birmingham, UK

Nerve Centre is a grunge pop band from Birmingham, UK.

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