B​-​Sides & Rarities? That's What She Said

by Nerve Centre

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In the early days of Nerve Centre, the band was incredibly ambitious and was going to release singles with B-sides. Learning that recording music was both time-consuming and expensive, and actually, it was really difficult to sell the minimum amount of CDs they could order as it was, they never bothered.

The tracks on this album are the intended B-sides for singles from the first album, "...And All I Got Was These..."

They've been available to stream all along, but now, for the first time, they are available for you to own and keep and cherish.


released January 22, 2015


all rights reserved



Nerve Centre Birmingham, UK

Nerve Centre is a grunge pop band from Birmingham, UK.

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You can watch music videos and live stuff on our YouTube channel: goo.gl/fg5Yd4
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Track Name: I'm Not Dead Yet
Verse 1:
The whiskey bottle’s empty
My life’s on the floor
I’m not talking
To the girl from the night before
I haven’t figured out
What I said that was so wrong
But you know what I’m like
And I’ll still get along

You can’t make me forget
I’m not dead yet
You can’t make me forget
You can’t make me forget
I’m not dead yet
You can’t make me forget

Verse 2:
She took a pop at me
Just to prove a point
But things didn’t turn out
Quite the way she thought
Please don’t cry
Cos I’ll just and laugh
I know that sounds bad
But hey I’m just like that.
Track Name: Be My Yoko Ono
Verse 1:
Please say you’ll be mine for the summer
I don’t wanna find another
To spend my money on
You know right where I am
Please let me know where I stand
Don’t make my night so long

Be my Yoko Ono
Be my Yoko Ono
Be my Yoko Ono
Be my Yoko Ono

Verse 2:
You’re another world away
But I see you everyday
But it’s just not right
So are you gonna be mine
I would’ve liked to know tonight
But if you’re busy I guess it’s alright.
Track Name: Pete's Potential Pie
Verse 1:
Pete said “I want to get her in for free
For dangerous liaisons between her and me
Cos I know that she’ll want to know
When I get her in for free to see Zane Lowe
Cos tonight, of all nights
I’m gonna get my pie”

Pete’s potential pie
Pete’s potential pie
If it goes how he plans it to go
She’ll be screaming “Who the fuck is Zane Lowe?”
Pete’s potential pie

Verse 2:
But she went and bought a ticket for the show that night
Played the best gig of our life, folks kicking left and right
Pete still though she’d want to know
Even though she paid in to see Zane Lowe
Cos tonight, of all nights
Pete was gonna get his pie

Verse 3:
Some hours later it reached the morning light
Out the back of Subside, Pete showed with no signs of pie
Turned out she didn’t care to know
After paying in to see Zane Lowe
Tonight of all nights
Pete didn’t get his pie.
Track Name: Ag Siúl Amach
Véarsa 1:
Céard tá micheart le sin
B’fhéidir go bhfaighidh mé amach
Bealach go bhfanfaidh tú
Má fhágaim arís
B’fhéidir go mbeadh muid le chéile ar aon nós

Níl ciall le fágáil anois
Táim díreach chun siúl amach
Ní don chéad uair
D’iarr tú orm fanacht
Ach níor tháining tú ar bhealach
Mar sin táim chun siúl arís

Véarsa 2:
Chroch tú mé amach chun triomú
Nior cheistigh mé cén fáth
Ní raibheas ag iarraidh fáil amach
Bhí an cheart agat fagáil
Fiú uaimse
Céard atá ar eolas agam

Curfá deireanach:
Níl ciall le fágáil anois
Tá tú díreach chun siúl amach
Ní don chéad uair
D’iarr mé ort fanacht
Ach níor tháining mé ar bhealach
Mar sin tá tú chun siúl arís.
Track Name: Pretty In Pink
Verse 1:
I won’t get too attached to you
Cos I know what I’m gonna do
You’re sitting there all pretty in pink
You don’t sing, you don’t dance, you don’t speak you don’t think

I’m gonna break you
I’m gonna break you down
I’m gonna break you
I’m gonna smash you to the ground

Verse 2:
You can’t do anything in tune
Just as well I’ll be rid of you soon
You’re sitting there all pretty in pink
You don’t sing, you don’t dance, you don’t speak you don’t think.
Track Name: Heavier Than Heaven
Verse 1:
You follow me
You’re taking my mind away
You want to see
What I did today
You follow me round
All over town
Am I in love?
I would if I could

Am I a memory?
Of what you did to me
Am I a memory?
Look what you do to me

Do you feel heavier than heaven?
Do you feel light as a feather?
Do you feel heavier than heaven?
D’you think you know how to make it all better?

Verse 2:
I wish you would
Send me that letter
I think it could
Make it all better
I’m running out
Of things that inspire me
I’ll scream and shout
When I’m retiring.
Track Name: Lonely As A Cloud
Verse 1:
How the hell can I stay awake?
When I’ve been sitting here all day
What am I supposed to say?
When the words I need are gone away.

I wandered round and round
I wandered up and down
I wandered lonely as a cloud
As you do when there’s no one around

Verse 2:
I really wish you the best of luck
As you try to make me give a fuck
Not all the words in any book
Could describe the way we look

Verse 3:
It’s the kids that I pity the most
Just waiting on you to become a ghost
They can’t realise that their lives are shit
All because you’re a selfish bitch.
Track Name: Through The Rain
Verse 1:
Fade away, back to grey
Learn to live another day
You’re falling down to the floor
Reaching out for something more
You want it all, but can’t say
Won’t you lead me astray?
All I need is something new
Looking out, just for you

But you can’t fight through the rain
And I will never explain
That you can’t fight through the rain
And nothing will hide my disdain, for you

Verse 2:
Winning back what you stole
Fighting to regain control
Skidding my way round the bends
Finding ways to make new friends

Fade away, back to grey
Live to fight another day
Holding on for something real
Learning again how to feel

Final chorus:
But you can’t fight through the rain
I don’t know what you stand to gain
If you try to fight through the pain
And you’re drinking all my champagne
Trying to steal all my fame
But you’re fighting a losing game
Trying to fight your way through the rain
I can’t hide my disdain, for you.
Track Name: I'm Like Batman
Verse 1:
I didn’t see you coming back to my place
I though ‘I can’t stand the sight of you
But I’m far too off my face’
I thought ‘I’m not promising anything my dear’
But why do I always leave with you
When I’ve had too much beer?

Oh, I should know better by now
Oh, we both should know so much better by now

I’m like Batman and I work better alone
Don’t wanna have to save your ass
And then drag you home
I’m like Batman and I work better alone
Should be OK so long as you don’t get the number
To my batphone

Verse 2:
I had nothing to say to you so I left before you woke
Had to leave early, had to walk home
Cos I was flat broke
Cheers for the night, I had a good time
But I don’t wanna see you ever again
Until the next night.
Track Name: Here's Maggie Thatcher
Here's Maggie Thatcher
Throw her up and catch her
Squish squash, squish squash
Here's Maggie Thatcher.