.​.​.​And All I Got Was These​.​.​.

by Nerve Centre

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This was Nerve Centre's first full-length album, first released on 4 November 2010.


released November 4, 2010

Tracks 4, 5, 10 and 11:
Guitars, bass and vocals by Ronan Fitzgerald
Drums and percussion by Hans Alarcon
Recorded by Trev Gibson at Circle Studios, Birmingham, UK

All other tracks:
Lead vocals and rhythm guitar by Ronan Fitzgerald
Lead guitar and backing vocals by James Foster
Bass by Pete Langford
Drums and percussion by Jon Kelway
Recorded by Dave McCabe at Muthers Studio, Birmingham UK.

All tracks written by Ronan Fitzgerald, except track 3, written by James Foster.


all rights reserved



Nerve Centre Birmingham, UK

Nerve Centre is a grunge pop band from Birmingham, UK.

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You can watch music videos and live stuff on our YouTube channel: goo.gl/fg5Yd4
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Track Name: Follow Me
Verse 1:
You’re going further than I can see
You don’t remember meeting me
It wasn’t all that long ago
Just goes to show, you never know
Now I have to hide my eyes
To save them from the burning lights
I don’t think you understand
Listen to my rock ‘n’ roll band
Listen to my voice and see
Why you should just

Follow me
Follow me
Follow me
Follow me

Verse 2:
I don’t think you recognise me
A man like me should never be
Way up here looking down on you
I guess you never thought that through
Now I have to hide my eyes
To save them from the burning lights
You might never understand
So listen to my rock ‘n’ roll band
Listen to my voice and see
Why you should just
Track Name: Karma, Come and Get Me
Verse 1:
It’s OK for me to spit on you
‘Cause you’re beneath me
You’re just a drunken fool
Shame to your friends and family

You shouldn’t have got into a state like that
You’re a disgusting example of human life

Karma, come and get me
Karma, come and get me
I just want my wallet back
What I done wasn’t all that bad
Karma, come and get me

Verse 2:
Just look at the state of you
You’re such a disgrace
Half asleep, too drunk to move
I should spit in your face.
Track Name: Evergreen
Verse 1:
Gotta let me know
Why you don't show
You're love to me no more

Verse 2:
Why don't you go
As we both know
I'm gonna show you the door

Cos it happened today
I need to get away
Find something new
Something I can fight through

I'm out
On the edge
Of where I wanna be
There's no life in this town no more

Give me another try
Or get me high
But don't let me fall behind
Track Name: Another Song
Verse 1:
And so she said to me
It’s time for another song
It’s now about a month or so
Where did it all go wrong?
I know you told me something
But I don’t think it was true
You know I like to hear your voice
But only if it comes from you

What do you want me to say
That I haven’t said before?
What do you want me to play
That I haven’t played before?
So if you want a new song but you think there’s something wrong
Do you come knocking on my door?
So here’s another song, I hope you sing along
I give it to you forever more

Verse 2:
And so she said to me
You must be tired boy
I suppose it’s been a while
Since you’ve used your voice
At least you’ve managed to
Give me another song
I suppose it just goes to show
There was nothing really wrong.
Track Name: Scared
Verse 1:
You don’t really look the same
As you did the other day
When I saw you
You just looked so scared
I told you to relax, it’s not that bad
You’ll get nowhere with a face like that
When I saw you
You just looked so scared

Looked so scared of me
Looked so scared to be
I don’t know what it is that you see
There’s no need to be afraid of me
When I caught you looking back
I said ‘Hey you can’t do that’
When I saw you
You just looked so scared

Verse 2:
I really don’t care what you have to say
There’s a hundred million things I gotta do today
When I saw you
You just looked so scared
Don’t you dare look at me like that
‘Cause I won’t do a thing tonight
When I saw you
You just looked so scared.
Track Name: Too Far
Verse 1:
Always seem to come too far
It's just another false start
Not getting getting any younger
But I still got the hunger
Yeah I still got the hunger

And I won't take "no" for an answer my dear
I've spent too many dollars, and too many years
And I don't know if you know that I've come too far to just let go
Don't give up on me now my darling, my dear

Verse 2:
Don't know where you are
I'm still searching for my stars
It getting harder to care
But I still care
Yeah I still care,
Track Name: Walking Out
Verse 1:
What’s wrong with that?
You might find out
A way, to make me stay
If I leave again
We night not have been
Together, anyway

No sense in leaving now
But I’m about to walk out
Not for the first time
You tried to make me stay
But you couldn’t find the way
So now I’m gonna walk again

Verse 2:
You hung me out to dry
But I didn’t bother asking why
‘Cause I don’t wanna know
You had the right to leave
Even from me
What do I know?

Final chorus:
No sense in leaving now
But you’re about to walk out
Not for the first time
I tried to make you stay
But I couldn’t find the way
So now you’re gonna walk again.
Track Name: What's Done Is Done
Verse 1:
I don’t need no more explanation
You’re outta here without temptation
To your new life against the New Jersey skyline
Don’r forget what you leave behind

Don’t let me down, no don’t let me down
Don’t let me down, you will cos you’re leaving town
Don’t look back, no please don’t look back
At me

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Don’t forget what we begun
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
What’s done is done

Verse 2:
I don’t need no more explanation
It costs too much to be the new sensation
It was fun while it lasted
Now we’re just gonna have to get past it.
Track Name: Ain't No Shame
Verse 1:
Bluebell, I know it hurts like hell
When a brat like me makes you feel unwell
I wish I could say I'm sorry, but I'm not
You wanted to leave anyway
Nobody was begging you to stay
You could have left
Any of the days

I won't feel bad for you
'cause you just can't be true

There ain't no shame on me
All the shame's on you
You didn't know what to do
There ain't no shame on me
It's all on you

Verse 2:
Well, I know I hurt your feelings but you never said
Now keen to show you're not right in the head
I got better things to do than cry about what you said
It's hardly the same as when Jimi was found dead
Track Name: Self Confessed
Verse 1:
You told me you know me
You’ve seen my type before
You told me you owe me
For that drink I got before

But I don’t recognise you
For anything you say
I must apologise to you
‘Cause I don’t know your name

Verse 2:
You told me you scored me
You’ve held my hand before
You told me you were with me
When we left the disco

So you know, I’m a self-confessed bastard
Sorry sweetheart, there was nothing here that could’ve last
Didn’t get your number ‘cause I was never gonna call
It’d be great if you could take the hint and just leave me alone.

Verse 3:
You told me you went home with me
We got there about four
You tried to get me into bed
But I passed out on the floor
Track Name: Karaoke Kings and Queens
Verse 1:
I see a girl here tonight
I see her every Thursday night
I’d like to tell her how I feel
Can’t cos you know that’s just not me
And you, you think you’re a star
You can’t be you can’t play guitar
You won’t catch me looking like a fool
I sing in a band I’m far too cool

Oh, oh, oh to me
Nothing’s as obscene
As our karaoke
Kings and queens

Verse 2:
Friday morning I’m dead at work
I should have had my lesson learned
Still haven’t said a thing to her
Not the reason my head hurts
So used to the state I’m in
Know I’ll do it all again
Don’t have Einstein to join in
Come on down, the kids will sing
Track Name: See You Next Tuesday
Verse 1:
Well I guess I’ll see you next Tuesday
I don’t see much of you anyway
It’s not very often that you come down to play
And when you do we don’t really have all that much to say

So I’ll see you next Tuesday
Don’t say any bad words in my company
I’ll see you next Tuesday
I’ll say what I like at the age of twenty-three

Verse 2:
Well I guess I’ll see you next Tuesday
Can’t say that in front of your Mam
I suppose you’ll have to find another way
To not say what you mean in a way she’ll understand